Domino (prod. Aaron Knish)

by Kajer

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First track


All or bust . Central services
Couldn't answer us, remained nervous.
Maybe it was a little preemptive
But this will catch their interest.
as the witness keeps on living
Im aim to die before the ceiling.
Well for me pick your shots
Ive got years to make up for
All Ive done it lost
Which is great for the workforce
All I am is not
Worth it only for the coroner
(Oh) don't worry, gonna force em to stop me ,
wont be another tribute to Lockheed
An aware easy target and dropped
Everything before it was over lets be honest.

Had to ask, didn't he?
Could've left it alone, shoulda left it be.
Unfortunately he wasn't accredited
For the question (that) (he had) stuck in(side)(of)his head again.
Ender of the motherfuckin millennium. A game is all you are to him.
Left himself clear of the arms race
Following lead might put you into harms way
find another bed to rest in tonight.
wake up for my wretched war with pigs and swine.
Protection of the millipedes,
Alcohol and working dreams.
Wont mix yourself a better drink
(so) calm down and get some (of that) extra sleep.

Still one foot follows the other.
think i was drunk with the way that i stutter
Over anxiousness limits my intentions
kicking feedback into resentment
How can you hope to create a remedy
kill off the snake biting at the tree.
Call him the Doctor Sax of our generation.
Thinks the dark will show the light out of the station
(Oh), are these references over your head?
I'm just pretending (that) I understand
messages from the work Ive read
Hoping others (have) shared the place(s) (that) I've been
That relentless helplessness.
Professional effortless indifference
Any visitors (found) disrespecting
Get thrown (right) up off the premises
Your paragons becoming stale
Only understood in braille
Morbid underestimation
Of their neighbors simple statement.
Arrogance playing off complacency
another comfort zone dynasty
Absolve them of their many misgivings
In spite of any action proceeding
((a))(Another) (gilded) piece of leverage for
Guilty twisted sentiments
Finally figured out the formula
For weapons forbidding the irregular
Panic griping the cage
(my) older self would be ashamed
(But) for the moment, out of complaints
(and i) (really) Need to shut the fuck up again

This is the elements, arranged in rows.
A marketing chip for our (furor) offspring I spose.
Catch me writing on the walls of 11th street.
"You are not complete, We are not complete"
Nothing explained but a tone of urgency.
Which happens to be all i have to say


released May 15, 2013
Kajer: Lyrics/Vocals/Ego
Aaron Knish: Production/Engineering/Recording/Mixing/Volcano
Wax Tailor- "Que Sera"//Galt MacDermot -
"And He Will Not Come Again": Sample/Frame
Roosevelt Franklin (Mr. Len and MC Kemani Rogers) - "Dropping Crazy Science Yo": Opening/Fuckin Thug Sample




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